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Two cubes stand side by side. Their dimensions are the same, but everything else is different. The one on the left resembles an open stack of tables. These are in fact the same tables we work on in our office. The models on display within are a mix of final presentation models and process work in a loosely ordered grid. They represent both the projects themselves and a way of working. A controlled chaos of miniature constructions, working towards outcomes that are at once social, material, and abstract.

On the right is a tilt-up gallery showing photographs of completed work. Some photos of are of completed buildings, others are of models photographed as if they were completed buildings. The views are necessarily partial; intentionally abstract. Their appearance is near-naïve; they don’t wear tectonics on their sleeve, but absorb the multiple pragmatic ends of the work into a single image.

The cubes and their contents represent some possible formats for architectural production. They are neutral containers—flat files, of a sort—showing some our office’s direct output. They are non-normative. Instead of explaining what might have been, we show only what is; rather than telling you what to think about our work, we leave room for interpretation. We have this same idea in mind when we design. Our interest lies in the terrain between architect and public; in the opportunities to both bound that space and to leave it open for uses yet to be invented.

Formats was a solo exhibition of our work at UMass Amherst in Spring 2019. Exhibition design, curation, and content by Ultramoderne.

Project Team: Charlie Cotton, Derek Yunchao Le, Giacomo Sartorelli