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The renovation of a former industrial space into our own office is structured by two elements: oversized, abstracted furniture and a large-scale, veil-like curtain. The furniture, defined by a pair of very large tables and a stack of deep storage shelves, is built using standard construction products yet detailed to be purposely abstract. Its oversized scale allows flexibility of use and is shaped in part by the prominence of model-building in our design process. The custom furniture elements are complemented by abstract IKEA storage cabinets.

The curtain pairs two layers of scrim—one black, one white— that can regulate a variety of lighting conditions while serving as a veil over wall cabinets and other equipment for times when a cleaner appearance—or a bit of dramatic flair—is demanded. Hooks along the wall alow the curtain to be stowed for quick access to storage. The space is lit by a trio of standard fluorescent tube fixtures modified so that the bulbs are simply suspended from the ceiling above.

Project Team: Jeff Yinong Tao, Tiantian Lou, Charlie Cotton, Gabriel Schmid